Lori Nuckolls , Esq

Lori G. Nuckolls, Esq.

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Lori G. Nuckolls, Esq.
1237 Paddock Hills Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229-1219
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I am an African American woman and I am a member of American Mensa. I am long involved in the activities and leadership of my alumni/ae organizations and of my community. My academic and professional training is primarily in commercial banking, corporate and securities law, federal administrative law, and general federal litigation.

I practice administrative law under Federal, New York and Ohio law. I have developed a general practice across administrative agencies, state and federal, supported, fundamentally, by a strength in the “issue spotting” of legal theories and strategies. I offer creative interpretations of the law, relying upon both primary and secondary legal sources.

Before the SEC: Comment Letter, dated January 22, 2018, regarding SEC compliance with FOIA amendment. (See, notes by SEC indicating influence of this Comment Letter upon final rule (83 Fed. Reg. 30322, 30323, fn 8) (June 28, 2018)(found at:

Before HHS: Comment Letter, dated June 22, 2018, requiring family planning counselors to report all potential criminal activity.

Before the FHFA: Comment Letter, dated August 30, 2018, regarding compliance with recordkeeping and reporting requirements of the Office of Management and Budget.

Before the OCC, and collaboratively before the Fed, FDIC, SEC and the CFTC: Comment Letter, dated September 16, 2018, regarding proprietary trading by banking entities and revision of the Volcker Rule.

Before the Ohio Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review: written testimony presented on: (1) May 14, 2018, regarding rewording of the Ohio sales tax; (2) January 8, 2018, regarding Ohio restrictions upon use of federal funding by rape crisis centers in Ohio; and (3) December 11, 2017, regarding mandatory state agency rulemaking hearings.


Harvard Law School
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
J.D., 1986
1982 To 1986
Dissertation: The Continued Relevance of Glass-Steagall and the Bank Holding Company Act
Advisor: Professor Louis Loss

Wellesley College
Wellesley College, Ohio, United States
B.A., 1982
Political Science
1978 To 1982
Advisor: Professor Edward Stettner